The Angel Of The Lord

A New Book From Kenneth March

A Good Man, a Prophet, a Crackpot, a Con Man...or God?

Some people say that Jesus was a good man or maybe a prophet because he espoused peace and love, but they do not really accept that he was the Son of God. That conclusion is seriously and logically flawed! Jesus was either mentally unhinged and thought he was God, or a liar who conned the people into believing he was the promised Messiah, or exactly whom he claimed to be on many occasions, that is, God.

If he was mentally disturbed or a con man, you could not call him a good man or a prophet. If he was whom he said he was, he was so much more! Crackpot, con man or God? There are no other choices. What is your verdict?


  • Chapter 1 The Angel of the LordWho Is He? p.3
  • Chapter 2 A Good Man, a Prophet, a Crackpot, a Con Man...or God? p.11
  • Chapter 3 In the Beginning p.14
  • Chapter 4 Biblical Accounts of the Angel of the Lord p.17
  • Chapter 5 Other Probable Sightings p.26
  • Chapter 6 The Commander of Heaven’s Armies p.30
  • Chapter 7 JesusA Carpenter or a Stonemason? P.36
  • Chapter 8 Jesus Was NOT Poor and Homeless p.38
  • Chapter 9 Just Like Us p.46
  • Chapter 10 Jesus’ Miracles p.52
  • Chapter 11 "My God, my God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?" p.59
  • Chapter 12 Why Did Jesus Have to Die? p.66
  • Chapter 13 Can We Ever Be Sure of Our Salvation? p.71
  • Chapter 14 Justification p.75
  • Chapter 15 After We Are Justified God Begins to Sanctify Us p.79
  • Chapter 16 The Glory That Awaits Us p.83
  • Chapter 17 Compendium p.90